It’s Girth Not Length

It’s a fact that the average sized penis is approximately 6.5”- 7.0” long, so why do men pander after owning a whopper, isn’t a Mini just as smart, if not smarter than an Cadilac? Bi/ Bi/ Dillon Toyne

If you ask most men does size matter, you’ll probably get a response like, “Its not the size, its what you do with it that counts” or, “it’s the girth you should be interested in baby, not the length.” While both are honest replies, these sorts of response, to an obviously probing question, highlights the uncomfortable relationship between a man’s brain and his penis. Dare it be said, the very essence and centre of his masculinity is being put on the spot here! The reality when it comes to driving big motors is that most women prefer the cute and nifty Mini to the understated grandiosity of the Caddy In today’s fair and equal society you would assume that gay men would have the same regard for big’uns as their heterosexual sisters, nice to look at but you wouldn’t want to ride one. However, many a gay lad is known to be fond of the tag XXXL often extending a warm welcome to “the newest and biggest boys in the girls’ class”.

To those particular big boys: listen up, finding an adequate parking spot amongst the twinks, muscle marys and boyish babes hanging out in Soho is gonna be, trust me, not that easy. Boys and girls, it ain’t “big is best” it’s, “how snug is my red-hot motor gonna feel in your parking slot?”

So read on and learn that big is often a drawback not an advantage, it can so often wreck a perfectly good relationship-if you’ll pardon the unintended pun-by coming between two people. It’s not my intention to talk about why big boys are so sort after and admired by women and men alike, rather I’m more interested in the problems big lads face in their day to day lives. For example, how does a big guy who’s over thirty maintain his erection for any decent length of time without the aid of some diamond-shaped chemical stimulant? Think about it, a big dick needs more blood than a small dick; any problems with circulation and you’re straight down the doctor for some jolly blue Viagra. Then there is the problem of only being able to put the tip of your stick, into the mud, because the puddle ain’t as deep you first thought.

Being big is a problem for many men who measure up beyond the average mark, so think long and hard you small guys about wanting to play with the bigger boys. Whether making a frontal assault or one on the rear, big boys don’t always have it so easy.

Someone once told me that if I had 5 inches I’d be a very different person, and although I think this person was trying to have a go at me I do think they were probably right, but not having 5 inches I cannot be 100% sure. Yes being above average does offer a degree of self-confidence that those who were at the back of the queue for willies, I suspect lack. But don’t be fooled, being big brings with it serious problems.


For women its breasts that are the issue, some women will attempt breast augmentation to ease their sense of inadequacy, but having done so these same women often find they have made an error in their beautification process, and so later request reductive surgery note Jordan a.k.a. Katie Price or is that Andre? Equally some men have sort the skills of the surgeon to enhance their own standing in the arena of love. But have these guys ever thought how embarrassing it can be when you are walking down the street, dressed in a pair of loose fitting boxers underneath those baggy jeans, and you get a stiffy? You can’t hide such things when you are well endowed, well not as easily as those with smaller dicks. I was reliably informed once, by an East London prostitute who has many years of experience in the SM scene, that “those you’d say were well endowed expect to get their cocks abused… why? Cos its so big.” When I asked what was meant by “abuse their cock” I was given a long list of punishments beginning with spanking and gentle whipping, progressing on to, “the insertion into the client’s urethra of several graduated, sounds or metal rods” and sometimes ending with the “piercing ritual”, ouch! There is of course always the advantage that being hung like a horse means you can push the shopping cart while not actually being near the thing, but that should only be a party trick, performed amongst the very closest of friends and never in public.

I am a first-hand witness to the dreadful consequences such bravado can have upon a couple and wiser for the experience. Ever since my ex stormed out of the local mini-market, announcing to the shocked onlookers that I was not her boyfriend, but some stalking pervert with a thing about grocery shopping, I have carried a basket rather than push a cart around the aisles of the out-of-town Safeways.

rugby lads dublin wanking

Three months after the incident with the shopping cart I heard my ex shout back at me, as she walked through passport control on her way to a new life, “It was all those f***ing afternoons I came home from work to find you watching that queer guy on Supermarket Sweep that convinced me we weren’t compatible.” Finally, to all you guys still reading, ask yourself this, if you were/are a big lad, how’d you know your partner is interested in you, maybe its just what you keep hidden in your pants that keeps them sweet? I have asked myself this question every time I chat somebody up and I am forever coming up with the same unreliable answer, “Its my mind they are interested in not my dick”. Then something happens once too often; as you kiss last-night’s conquest goodbye you are given a phone number, which later when you call it you are greeted with those immortal words “Can I take your order please sir?” Its then you realise the girls and or boys are only interested in what’s down your pants. Eventually you find yourself surfing the Internet for anything on “cheap rate penile reduction surgery”.  Of course you will always get those who are envious of another man’s endowment, but they are the deluded ones, the hypocrites. While feebly dismissing the significance of size, they secretly hanker for that 3” diameter vac pump.

Which leaves just one last thing to say, come on people give the big guy a break, its hard enough as it is being big, but having to live up to everyone’s great expectations only adds to the pressures of being the “the boy with most to offer”.

Size & Desire: It’s Girth Not Length  By Dillon Toyne

9 thoughts on “It’s Girth Not Length

  1. My girth is almost equal to my length. Based on the above I’m below average in terms of length.I spent a great deal of my life thinking I was small… then it dawned on me- you can’t turn everybody on with who you are and what you have… if you turn somebody on and you like them (“connect” with somebody), then life is good. This goes for if you are huge or small. If you make it about your dick-that’s all its going to be…

    Men can be real dummies looking at everything with a ruler…

    1. ustefan you big thick cock is beautiful thanks for the photo made my cock hard looking at it xxx allan

  2. To me a fat stocky girthy dick is just much more handsome than a skinny one. I will take girth over length any day!

  3. Wait, 7 inches is average? Typically I hear anywhere from five to six as the “average”. Kinsey had about six and a quarter. More recent studies around the turn of the millennium generally found closer to five. It is rebounding, for some reason guys born after about 1975 are bigger. At least in surveys.

    1. The average penis size is growing. That is because the short penis gene is dying in BMW crashes.

      1. Lol! That’s a great joke! It’s true though… BMV owners need to make up for small little things…

  4. In 2008 I took a year off work and went travelling as this was something that I had always wanted to do. I had just 2 previous gay relationships in my early to late 20s and not much fun in either of them. The first guy was 11 years older and looking back he was a boring control freak, but at the time I thought I was happy and in love. Sex between us the same routine and never ever changed much. He was so regimental in everything he done not allowing for any flexibility at all. Eventually we split up and went our separate ways. After 2 years of celibacy I met my 2nd partner who was the complete opposite of my previous partner, he was quite a fun guy, again older than me by 14 years, confident, adventurous in life and in bed too, he taught me so much and I’m greatful for the time we shared. He was blessed with a long slim penis and sometimes sex was painful as he wasn’t patient or gentle, perhaps a little too much selfish and sulky. The relationship ended when I found out he had been cheating on me since the beginning of the relationship. I thought that I have had enough so I spent the next 18 months saving up enough cash and taking on a 2nd job, I even moved back to my parents house whilst renting out my house.
    I went travelling firstly around Europe met a few guys that were travelling too but nothing more than friendship happened, I’m not the kind of guy that jumps into bed with others easily, but I did share a few cuddles and kisses with 1 or 2 but strictly nothing else.
    As my travelling progressed through to central and Southeast Asia I had met quite a few guys that were able to give travelling advice and tips that became useful. One of the guys was a Welsh guy called David who I got on with very well, he was planning to move onto Australia & New Zealand and asked me if I would like to travel with him. David is again older than myself by 4 years and is an ex rugby player. He is a tall well built guy and the hairiest guy I have ever seen. He is the complete opposite to me. Despite the fact that we got on instantly I didn’t fancy him in that way, I just thought he was a nice guy and agreed to travel with him as it would be safer and cheaper to travel than being alone. My last few nights in Thailand were like a lottery win as we were travelling back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai when we booked into a hotel for 4 nights before planning to travel to Aus & NZ .
    After a long journey we arrived at our hotel and decided to shower and sleep before going out and exploring Bangkok. David had gone to the hotel bar and brought up some beers to our room and said that we should plan our evening and next few days. So we both sat on his bed in our bathrobes drinking beers and feeling very tired. David was asking me about relationships etc and asked if I had a partner back home, I told him that I didn’t but that was the reason I saved up the money to go travelling due to having bad relationships. David told me his story and still at this stage we both were not sure about each other’s sexuality. After another beer David ordered food from room service and we just sat on the bed still talking as I started to notice that he has moved his leg and was unintentionally revealing his penis, I laughed and commented how hairy he was, he laughed and showed me that his chest was so hairy he used to get called names from his rugby mates. I said that I have never seen anyone so hairy whe he said that I should feel so lucky about having a smooth chest, I pulled my bathrobe open a little to show my smoothness and he said that he wished that his body was smooth like mine. I disagreed and said that I wished my body was hairy, anyway a silent pause lasting 5 or so seconds and David stood up & pulled off his bathrobe, revealing a tall muscular hairy body, my eyes eyes opened wide my jaw dropped open and I just lay there staring at his hairy body noticing his semi hard and very thick cock and massive hanging balls. He started to tug at my robe. Instantly we started to kiss, his hands were all over me and before could do anything more room service had knocked on the door bring our ordered food. Putting on his robe while I ran into the bathroom David took care of room service. I stayed in the bathroom with a little bit of shock and David knocked at the door asking me to come out, I left the bathroom to find David fully nude sitting up on the bed and offering me another beer. I took a drink and sat down next to him whe we stared kissing again and had an evening of the most beautiful sex that I have up to that point never experienced. I was so worried that the pain was going to be too much as his cock was so thick I couldn’t get my hand around it, but David took his time and gave me the rimming of my life. He was almost eating my ass. His tongue was amazing. After a few attempts he managed to enter my ass, and yes it was slightly painful but eventually we managed in the end and had the most fantastic sex & both slept for hours afterwards. I woke up in the arms of the gentlest giant ever. We had the most amazing sex throughout our travels in Aus, NZ, USA, Canada and when we got back to the UK I stayed at Davids home before I returned to Newcastle. We still are together and I travel to wales every Friday after work, planning to move in with him permanently after selling my house.

  5. It’s always the little dick guys who have there opinions on big dick guys. I’m 54 and have no problem get erect with my BIG DICK!!! I don’t take anything nor do I need to. I can cum quick or last a long time. I’ve never had any complaints on my big dick.

    1. 35, 27 cm, currently boned up, have never taken Viagra or its cousins in my life. It does make anal impossible; fortunately I’m not into that. I imagine conventional (penis in vagina) sex would become impossible at some point.

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