I am 65 years old wanker. I get a erection every morning when i awake and have EROTIC dreams of Brazilian men and like the way I climax every time. I see one even Indian men the way their penises are from some uncut I think getting circumcision is cruel to get males this way. I was planning to get my penis reconstruction and have foreskin again I am always horny and can’t get enough I guess my sexual awareness was late and now making up for it I visit the bathhouse once a month and enjoy the sexual hunt of my conquests and hope to have enough sex til I can’t do it any more but for know I always prime and ready I had a encounter with a dude who was hung and a beauty of a cock he had but he was more intrigue with mine and paid a compliment said I think u are the most handsome man I ever met and having sex with u had more gratification and we had sex we climaxed 4 times in succession and asked how old I was he said u are beautiful I will fantasize every time I see u naked and I come with joy. Paul

3 thoughts on “65 years old wanker

  1. Being past 60 myself I prefer older men top bottom what ever feels good. Well I just love cock!

  2. i am 73 and wank as much as i can i like sex with men but only big dicks are good for me

  3. I am a very nice bottom man wants to drill my tight manhole i am inserch of a 52years old man to fuck me every night i give him my manhole fuck doggey styal i wants 9 inch long cock enter in my asshole please fuck me very hard.

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