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      1. Thank you; I wake up turgid most mornings, full of spunk that needs expressing, regardless of how hard I masturbate the night before. Thinking of other men getting some form of enjoyment from my cock pictures also makes me incredibly hard just thinking about it.

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    Very sexy drawings, well done, like those sexy mature man with beautiful cocks…

    1. Simon your cock is simply magnificent; semi hard and thick, just the right size and expertly shaved.

  2. I’d love to see a drawing like this of Tony Abbott sitting down in his suit, with a big fat uncut cock bursting through his zip of his suit pants waiting to be sucked on

  3. Seb. I have a question. The dude I jerked off last night had a rock hard dick. It was like rod of iron. Both of us middle aged men. I’m feeling inadequate today when I think of how bloody solid that meat was. Great to hold onto and I really enjoyed jerking it to blowing his load. Should I be worried about the more “relaxed” posture of my own penis? Or was he just more turned on than me?

  4. Seb – I just had a nice wank with a bloke in a hotel sauna in Sydney. He looked a bit like the blokes in these pics. My nutt sack feels a hell of a lot better now having shot my load thanks to his expert jerk off technique. His rod was fucking huge and it was so nice to grab hold and feel him harden. I asked if he did this often – he smiled ear to ear and laughed “all the time”. “It’s just wanking”. I fucken love hard cock Aussie men with a sense of humour just enjoying rubbing one out with another geezer. Funny thing was it took a while to get to that stage. I mean, we both dropped the towel early on. Walked around to shower and steam room nude and comfortable in each other’s line of dick-sight. And he and I kept tugging on our dicks little by little. Everytime he came back from the shower his schlong was bigger. I played with mine too while he was out. I guess it takes a bit to get my hard-on when I’m with another nude bloke. It’s not the same as seeing a hot pussy. Still hanging out with a big swinging knob in the changing room is so comfortable and a slow horny grows in me. We obviously both wanted a wank so much we could smell testosterone rising through our veiny cocks. Why so coy? Waited til no others in the change room. Then the topic of conversation quickly changed to some gym in Brisbane where the sauna in the men’s change room has a compulsory togs policy. I said “why?” He said “coz they got some complaints I guess but if somebody wants to play with himself why not? And I’d probably join In”. Well- buy signal if every I heard one. I grabbed my own cock spread my legs and leaned back and said “well that’s half the fun of the sauna”. He reached and grabbed my nutts and the rest is history. Cummed in his towel. I didn’t cumm til the shower with him watching on. Just innocent, good natured, healthy fun. Phew. I can sleep well now…. I love a biz trip away from home.

  5. Good comic drawer
    How to know nice old man to make


    I am also being comic teacher

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