I”M a 59 year old gay man who discovered that I enjoy the scent of other men’s armpits in my 30s. I had a boyfriend didn’t wear cologne or deodorant, but he always smelled GOOD. One night in the heat of passion I buried my nose in his pit and was overcome with a strong desire to dig my tongue into his pit. Ever since that event, I put a lot of weight in the scent of a man being one that would get my dick hard, or not. If I don’t care for the scent, then I would find a way to bow out of the relationship without hurting the other guy’s feelings. Over 20 years later I have become obsessed with hairy pits. I always find a way to get a big whiff of a man’s pit, and if possible, a taste of it. I have even been known to pull up images of men’s hairy armpits, I can get lost in the Facebook pages dedicated to men’s armpits. I have strange reactions from the guys that I sleep with. Most have never had anyone get into their pits, but they all like it when I start licking their tasty, ripe pits. I highly recommend giving them a sniff and a lick, you just may like it! Frank

I’m str8 so I haven’t been in the situation of smelling another man’s armpit. Years ago I stopped using deodorant and/or anti-perspirant because most contained aluminum.

After a few months my body got accustomed to being washed only with soap and I actually didn’t need either product. As a result I discovered that it would be as long as two days before an odor or smell appeared, unless I exercised. After enjoying this website for the last two years I became more aware of my own body. After reading the article(s) about the smell of another man’s armpit I was curious about my own armpit. I purposely didn’t shower for two or three days, and depending on activity, on the second or third day the smell (not bad yet) was very stimulating and actually I can get sexually horny. Anyone else discover this?

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  1. When someone stops using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, toxins start to leave the body, resulting in an armpit detox

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