I”M a 59 year old gay man who discovered that I enjoy the scent of other men’s armpits in my 30s. I had a boyfriend didn’t wear cologne or deodorant, but he always smelled GOOD. One night in the heat of passion I buried my nose in his pit and was overcome with a strong desire to dig my tongue into his pit. Ever since that event, I put a lot of weight in the scent of a man being one that would get my dick hard, or not. If I don’t care for the scent, then I would find a way to bow out of the relationship without hurting the other guy’s feelings. Over 20 years later I have become obsessed with hairy pits. I always find a way to get a big whiff of a man’s pit, and if possible, a taste of it. I have even been known to pull up images of men’s hairy armpits, I can get lost in the Facebook pages dedicated to men’s armpits. I have strange reactions from the guys that I sleep with. Most have never had anyone get into their pits, but they all like it when I start licking their tasty, ripe pits. I highly recommend giving them a sniff and a lick, you just may like it! Frank

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  1. I too stopped using deodorant and soap a few years ago, just shower twice a week, and have never smelled better. And I don’t just mean I like my smell (which I do) but I mean my pits, crotch, feet, hell my whole body no longer turns on me with ripe sweat smell. I’m balanced as far as body bacteria goes, and my pits in particular now just “smell like a man”, which makes my dick hard when I sniff ’em, not to mention other guys natural pit and body scent. WOOF! Try going natural guys, smell like the cock owning man you are, please! The world would smell much better for it,

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    When someone stops using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, toxins start to leave the body, resulting in an armpit detox

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