Fortunately, in order to self-suck, it is not necessary to have a huge penis. It will take time and practice to get your penis and mouth to touch. If you are not very flexible start by bending over and touching your toes while at the same time fluttering your arse to start to relieve pelvic congestion. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get your mouth on your cock the first time you try auto fellatio. It can take lots of practice and you will become more flexible. Each time you practice auto fellatio try and get closer to your penis. Some statistics say that only 1% of all men can self-suck, but we think that with practice and stretching, most guys should be able to at least make some mouth-to-cock contact, even if it’s only on the tip of the head. If nothing else, practicing self-sucking will make you more flexible and possibly increase your overall well-being. So take it slow, work with what you’ve got, and try to have fun.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Bastards

  1. When I was young I was able to sit, bend and suck at least the first half of myself. What I Found in those sessions was that my mind could not enjoy both at the same time. I either had to concentrate on enjoying the sucking part OR the being sucked part. I found it better to wank as you call it until I was close to orgasm and then enjoy sucking myself completely and finishing. Not sure if others had this issue or not. If I concentrated on the sensation of the mouth on myself I didn’t notice it was my mouth. Maybe it was my age that was the factor. This ability only lasted for about 6 months and then I grew taller and was not able to reach it. Close but not near enough.

  2. i am a hung fit young man, i can auto fellatio i do it sitting on the stairs, i stretch myself down putting one foot on each side of the stairs

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