Greetings Seb! I’ve read your email several times and finally found time to respond. There are two things related to aromas and their impact on man to man sex that I’d like to share. The first is a bit of a puzzle to me, and I’ve done some research in an attempt to understand the source. After some effort I believe I have found the answer. Here’s the situation: I have a best friend of nearly eight years, and we met through a mutual friend. We started off having a mutual interest in man-to-man sex. At first his newness was a turn on and attraction to me, along with the fact that he is extraordinarily handsome. But after a while I began to notice something rather unique. When we would greet in private we would hug one another, and I found myself wanting to breath deeply and almost “sniff” him around the forehead and hairline. When I did, I would get an instant erection.  As we would engage in sex I noticed that I would get extremely turned on when we were face to face or when I had my face around his hair or hairline. Being eternally curious about things, it made me take notice and I began my research.  I’ve never had this response with another guy. I had heard about pheromones but had little insight into the impact of them.

What I discovered in my research was that some people have stronger and more potent pheromones than others. I have deduced that this is the situation with my best friend. Just breathing in his natural man-smell gives me a tremendous hardon. I have to be careful not to let it happen in the wrong setting (we are both bi, and I’m married). I’ve noticed how other people react to my best friend as well. Occasionally when we’re out with other friends and spouses, he will invite one of the ladies to dance. They seem to get clingy to him and to turn on to him. While my wife is totally unaware of his and my private relationship, she has said how attractive he is and there is “something mysterious” about how attractive he can be. I’ve noticed women dancing with him who suddenly began getting sexual with him, and one lady actually reached down and rubbed his crotch while dancing with him. So, all of that being said, I believe he exudes very strong pheromones.  There isn’t a discernable smell about him, other than a clean “just-showered” smell. But I have tested my response, and know that if I want to get rock hard all I have to do is smell around his hairline, in front or back of his head or around his ears, and I am ready to fuck. The second thing I’ve notice relative to sex and aroma is somewhat akin to the Pavlov dog experiments. My best friend and I use a particular kind of oily lubricant when we’re having sex. After having used it for a while, just the smell of it now will give me an erection. I’ve used it during the winter for dry skin, and when I start applying it after a shower I get an erection from the smell.  (Along with wildly stimulating daydreams about him.) I’m not sure what your thoughts were about the topic, and I hope you find this somewhat helpful.  If you would like further details, Warmest Regards, A devoted reader! D

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  1. I love a masculine man’s body scent. I am masculine and I always worked blue collar physical jobs.
    I get very turned on by the same kind of man and his scent is a real turn on. I like the natural scent between his butt cheeks. and crotch . I also love the scent of his neck. I want him to wash well if he relieves himself. After ward let his natural scent and musk come back. To me it’s not dirty, it’s his raw unmasked natural self. Alot of men are afraid of being judged by their scents, to me it’s a sign of total acceptance . This is the real me and all that comes with me . .

  2. Hi D,
    Powerful attraction you have with your mate, I understand that. His personal smell, pheromones work on everyone, but I question the lube, I know it works but this is more of an associated hardon.
    What I really want to know is you have sex with him, what do his pits and pubes smell like and or do for you?
    I always love the particular smell of scrotum of most guys, and many an armpit waft without getting naked together, either seals or sinks the attraction. Way before I would get to the hairline!!!

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    I like a man to smell like a man. I like to get my tongue into his pit and taste him, taste his sweat, the hairier the better. Strictly no deodrant thanks.But sweat thats more than a day old well I would probably give that a miss

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    I love licking and kissing a man’s armpit. The armpits are a very sensitive area for most men but once I am quite gentle most love it. I like to leave their pits drenched in spit and then stick my cock in and cumm.

  5. Ever since I was young, and I was helping the hired painter to paint our house, I have been aware of a powerful stimulating effect that a man’s natural odor has on me. I was holding up this window shutter while the painter was removing a couple more screws. His right underarm practically grazed my nose, though I had captured his scent before I was within 2 feet of him. It was a hot August day in Michigan.

    For the rest of the summer I wanted to experience that again. When it didn’t happen I sought out the unique smell of a man … a male … every chance I got. But the chances were few and far between.

    Maybe once or twice I experienced a sexual encounter with a man who had no problems with his own natural body odor … And he appreciated mine as well. In every case, I had the most powerful orgasm, one that lasted at least 3 times as long as any other.

    Sadly my country is a nation of unnatural and unnecessarily powerful artificial fragrances. I have been searching all my life for a man who would be comfortable around me and I around him, no matter how “socially acceptable” either of us were. This has never happened either. Maybe that’s why after 62 years I’ve never had a successful relationship that has lasted more than a night, a weekend, or perhaps a week.

    Now though, if it came between the prospect of dying alone and giving up my dream of a naturally scented sexual encounter, I’d give up the dream. All I have ever really wanted is to share my life with someone else, fulfilling each other’s needs without being an emotional parasite.

    Was it so wrong to get so enamoured over the scent of a man? Did I put desires ahead of any other kind of fulfilling lifelong relationship? I don’t know.

    I just know that when I can smell a man, I want him. But I would do any reasonable thing to help things become a mutually satisfying life-long situation.

  6. something brings you together could it be the smell of him close to you, will make you hot.. each persons body zone is different in the way his body turns you on. it makes each sexual encounter more exciting .

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