I like the shaft to be held with one hand. Some spit or cream on the head and then the head massaged and rubbed. I also like the eye to be opened and probed a bit. While that is being done I like the hand holding the shaft to be slowly going up and down, giving it a squeeze every now and then, sometimes soft and sometimes hard.


I like the shaft slowly and carefully stroked from the base to below the head with one or two fingers, then the head stimulated with the fingers, before working the shaft and head faster, gripping it and stroking up and down, especially the underside of the base, sometimes with an almost twisting motion.


Nice and slowly while I’m soft, pinching up and down my shaft, on my head, and playing with my balls. And as I get harder, more rhythmic and vigorous up and down the length of my shaft, rolling on top of my head so that I’m oozing precum and back down the frenulum to cradling my balls.

A Non

The Shaft of a Man’s Cock

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  1. .

    Adrian, I would love to suck you off sometime – your fat cock would feel really great in my mouth. I like fat cocks but do not run across them very often.
    When you are ready to cum, I would give you the choice of where on me you would like to shoot your load: on my face, in my mouth, on my cock & balls or on my asshole.
    Which do you think would you choose?

    1. Hi Adrian love your big cock would love to get my hands and mouth on it xxx Allan

      1. Allan that sounds so erotic, I would really enjoy cumming deep in your mouth……..

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