31 thoughts on “The Almighty Gise

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    Gise, your super hot with that big, thick, beefy cock. I look at your portfolio of photos and can’t fathom how hot it would be to do a photo shoot with you. Damn your a sexy man.

  2. the most amazing dad i´ve watched,
    literaly im horny to watch every part of you, amazing dilf
    im from argentina, saludos!

  3. Wow truly a perfect handsome dad with a big soft cucumber,
    I´ve never seen something like this! im 23 year ol bi man from argentina,
    Would you accept contact? id love to meet you

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      Please be My dady!
      I’m from argentina and I would love to know you.
      I’m devote to that dick

    1. What a gifted cock— gifted DNA, handsome and worthy of worship and adoration! Wow!

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    Hello friends! As I have already mentioned, I have just discovered The Art of HaPenis. It is truly an extraordinary site. Very artistic and very hot. I hope you can continue with this great project and that we all collaborate to make it happen. Thanks for all the posts!
    Here I send you some more photos of me. I hope you like it!
    I send you a big hug!

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      Hey there!
      can i swim with you and suck that dick underwater?
      that woud be hot,

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    Exceptional looking man. Beefy, great cock, great body…awesome.
    I’d be so lucky to be a knockout like him or a model

      1. Wow!! His cock reminds me of the first one that I sucked. Met him in a restroom and went out in the parking to his van. Suck him from 30 minutes.

  6. Size of his cock remeds me of my first time .A mate and me were sharing a bed in Blackpool started to wrestle for a bit of fun. He won so as a reward he got me to suck his huge cock.He then turned me over and forced his 10 inches into me. It hurt like hell at first then it became wonderfull he lasted about 15 minutes and shot his load twice.That was the beginning of my love for huge cocks.

    1. Boy you’re sure the lucky one! 10 inches of buddy cock in your hungry mouth and up your hungry butt! Hope he gave you the prize and you got to taste and feel his crummy load! Mmmmmmmmm!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Geis. Quite magical indeed… Oh what fun we could have together!!

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        Gise your wonderfully sexy cock hanging there gives me an instant erection. I’d be on my knees, mouth open taking your hot cock down my warm throat enjoying it as it begins to grow hard and you fuck my mouth over and over till you pump your seed down my throat. I’ll swallow every drop

      2. Thank you so much showing us your beautiful big uncut cock and your beefy ass. I keep looking at it all the time and I can’t even imagine how would that feel in my hand and in my mouth. Looking forward to see more of that beauty sexy man!!!

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