Penis Envy shows the extreme lengths some men will go to make their cock bigger.  At the end of the programme, presenter Stephen K Amos will reveal the results of the experiment. Which techniques worked and which didn’t? The content is absolute arse, from the american counsellors, telling men that is good to have a small cock, to the the crap devices they choose to feature it’s all very badly researched and very small cock orientated. Why didn’t they show the men erect. That would have made them feel much better, about themselves. What the documentary failed to point out is that there is no relationship between the size of a man’s flaccid cock and its full erect length. In fact a recent survey carried out on his website shows that 85% of men would describe there cock as a grower rather than a shower. The problem is most men have never seen another man’s cock when it is erect. If they had this opportunity they would realize that 90% of men are average. The thing that gives this documentary credibility is the three men it features. very brave, in fact i would say they are warriors, ok so they may not have the biggest cock in the world, but they do have the biggest balls. I was particularly impressed by the rugby player. I want to give him a bath-mate, followed by a rather jolly jade dragon massage. There is a god. he is a man, he has a very beautiful, cock.

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