The Bear, proud to be gay, is a natural man, happy with his age, his body and his hair; arises to others without artifices, as it is. He is nice, joyful and loves to be in a pack.There are still many who do not know, but “fat is beautiful!” it is no longer a playful saying. Ever since “girth and mirth” culture has started to make its way around the world, Orsomania has produced an astonishing amount of bear-themed sites on the Internet. The attraction for the imposing size, the plump body, the hair and the beard, is celebrated in web pages created by individual users or organized clubs. The allegorical name chosen to indicate this particular type of man is precisely the term “bear”. The girth and mirth movement originated in Belgium and has spread everywhere, generating in Italy associations and groups that are now historical such as the Orsi Italiani and the Magnum Club. An interesting aspect of this bizarre and nice gay culture is given by the “bear-art” which, like the photographic material, has been gaining more and more space on the net. Numerous artists from all over the world have taken up their brush (… or pencil, or mouse) to transfer their peculiar idea of ​​beauty and eros to paper. Increasingly, the websites and paper magazines dedicated to the Ursine theme reserve a space for the artistic flair of these authors. Fantasy, personal style and the most diverse illustration techniques thus become a vehicle for representing monumental bodies, in a carousel of bellies, colors, sensuality and joy. So forget the classic ephebe. The bear artist aims mainly to show off the flab, the abundant weight, the dense hair, the mature age. And it is proposed to do it, mainly, without veils. Exalting to the maximum the model which is also an object of desire. [Source]

Perdido Bear, Sicilian bear illustrator, presents part of his contribution to the magical and transgressive world of bears.

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  1. This Rear community have so much to teach other men about being gentlemen. I love the way they look after nand mind each other.

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