Sam had been my personal trainer now for six months. My attraction to him at first had been a sexual one, I’ll admit. He was masculine, with his close cropped dark hair. He was sexy with his closely shaved jaw line. He certainly turned me on with his perfectly toned body. His well defined chest covered in a thin layer of hair and crowned by perky nipples drove me wild. Of course I’d seen his cock a few times in the showers. Some way between soft and semi-hard, it was a good piece of uncut meat. As my personal trainer we had a lot of physical contact as he touched my body regularly, checking that my pecs or glutes were progressing. I’d had many fantasies about having full on sex sessions with Sam! As much as he turned me on I’d adjusted to the idea that he was 100% straight. I’d heard him talking to other guys in the gym about all the girls he was fucking, and how all he lived for was pussy. Anyway he was a great trainer and was what really mattered. One day I got a call from Sam asking me to move my training session from early evening to later. To compensate he’d give me an extra long workout as we’d be able to keep going after closing time as he had he keys to lock up. That was totally fine with me. Sam was there when I arrived looking hot in his tight red shorts and white vest. As usual he commended me on the way my body was progressing gently punching my ‘buns of steel’ as he called them. He really was a cock tease. Sam worked me extra hard, and as result he stood close to me assisting me with my final repetitions. I did all I could to concentrate on lifting the weights, even though I could feel his chest press against my back as I did the shoulder press. I was sure glad when it was over. I was really going to need a wank when I got home. Everyone else had left the gym, so it was just Sam and me. We hit the showers and in no time we were standing naked in the communal shower area, each under the stream of hot water. Sam again commented on my body and the progress I was making. As he commented on my chest definition he gently flicked my nipple. Being this close to this sexy man had already made my cock swell, but feeling his touch made it fully hard. I looked down at my erect cock and saw Sam’s cock, as veined and sinewy as his body, looking back at me too. Sam put some soap on his hands and with that sexy twinkle in his eye started rubbing it all over my chest and stomach. He then grabbed my upright cock and rubbed his soapy hands up and down. He told me to turn around, and as I put my hands against the tiled wall he lathered up a sponge and gently rubbed it against my arse. I closed my eyes and sighed as he worked the lather between my cheeks. It felt so good. Then he was gone. I opened my eyes but before I could call out Sam was back, cheekily waving condoms and lube at me.

Once again he told me to stand facing the wall. He stood behind me, his cock nestled in my crack. He whispered, telling me how much he had wanted to fuck my arse. His strong hands pulled my arse cheeks wide apart and his hot tongue licked my hole. His tongue pushed deeper into my arse. I started to wank, but told me to stop as it was to soon. Next I felt his tongue licking the head of my dick. I was just getting used to the sensation when in one neat movement he swallowed my entire cock and inserted the tip of his thumb into my juicy arse. With precision movements he sucked my cock and fucked my arse with his thumb. My balls tightened and I was leaked pre-cum furiously into his mouth. Next this muscular man was behind me, his cock hard against my arse. He lubed up my arse, gently pushing a finger into my waiting hole. I begged him to fuck me. He rubbed his cock along my arse crack as his hands roamed over my back, chest and stomach. He pressed the head of his cock in a circular motion against my sphincter, before easing it in slowly; very slowly. My arse opened to greet his rock hard cock, as he slid it in until he fully penetrated me. Holding on to me he moved his hips back and forth in the slowest movements. The head of his cock almost pulling out before it slid slowly back to full depth. Bit by bit he increased the tempo, driving his cock faster and faster into my eager hole. He held firmly onto my hips as he drove his man meat wildly into my arse. I wanted to wank, but needed both arms against the walls to resist his powerful thrusts. He was using every inch of his muscular power and needed all of mine to push back. As his powerful thrusts pushed into my arse I felt a wave build up deep inside my gut. It took control of my whole body and I moaned deeply as I gushed several waves of cum over the tiles. Sam had his cock out of my arse and covered my cheeks in thick creamy cum. We turned to face each other, panting with exhaustion as our mouths hungrily met. We showered together. Wanted to ask him so many questions, but he put a finger to my lips. The only talking we did was to agree on a late night work out for the following week.

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  1. That GIF above of Buck Branson is really intense. Just the fantasy of him walking so casually in the nude on your porch/terrace. Beside being gorgeous and stripping, I wonder what this guy does for a living or did before.

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