My tantrick dream has brought two things to my life that I never thought was possible, HaPenis and sex which I find sacred, hugely rewarding, and deeply fulfilling on a spiritual level. Although I have to say I was a little pissed off when I first read about tantra. The idea that genitals were to be worshipped, and that sex was magickal and divine was something that I thought I was the first in the world to discover. I kind of thought it was my secret. The fact that people had discovered this philosophy thousands of years earlier, well, put me into perspective. Eventually I consoled myself with the knowledge that I was continuing a celebration that was thousands of miles away, and I have since used that as the foundation of my own beliefs. I see tantra as a guiding direction, an inspirational source of infinite arousal. It’s was very much of that moment, that realisation that I was not alone in my sacred dream. TANTRA always reminds me that it’s all about my intention to excel, at making my dream.


2 thoughts on “MY TANTRICK DREAM

  1. That main photo is beautiful,the look on the guy’s face who is getting fingered is just amazing,you can tell he knows that rock hard cock is going in him after that finger as done its job.
    You can almost feel the heat from their breathe as they both prepare for a long, hard,deep fuck.
    The fact it is in black and white just adds to the erotic atmosphere which is almost tangible.
    The only dilemma I would have is which of these guys ,oozing sex,I would prefer to be.
    Seb Cox everything you oversee is dripping in erotic pleasure,this one is right at the top of the list.
    Thankyou so much x

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