It may seem a contradiction in terms, but it is not. I am a senior bear, a solosexual guy who would like to find another guy for fun and maybe more. For those who don’t know, solosexual guys prefer solo over partnered sex. That does not mean I don’t share my sexuality or won’t pleasure another. There are very few solo guys around. I am one, proud and happy to sit outside the norm. That does not preclude me from valuing emotional intimacy either. I would like a partner or friend who will encourage my sexuality whilst I will encourage and fulfill theirs and both share a meaningful friendship maybe relationship. Sex is just one part of a relationship and relationships come in all shapes and sizes. I am 35, good looking, fit, sane and healthy. I love life and creative pursuits. Into art, movies, outdoors, food and music. I am, perhaps ironically, very selfless and a giving guy. You don’t have to be strictly solo. I only ask that you respect that I am. Perhaps you are poly, bi, open minded, but perhaps you are solo too. A solo guy is really ideal. I’d prefer a guy 25-45, who is adventurous and fun. Share my proud, naked, honest life!

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    I love worshiping my cock when others aren’t around to do it for me
    I spend hours in self gratification

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    I suppose I am an involuntary solosexual. I cannot find any guy who wants to stick around after he cums, nor willing to even bring me to the edge before he gets up and leaves.

    I’ve stopped going after a sexual partner. After a 16 year celibacy, I tried hooking up with several men. I I love satisfying another man, and always keep sucking until they cum in my mouth. But for all the support they give me, I might as well stay home and jack off, as I have, for over 20 years now.

    1. Hi Geoff I would love to get a hold of you big hard cock and suck you off till you came in my mouth XXX Allan

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    Do you mean you prefer to get yourself off? My first boyfriend was like that. I didn’t understand it at the time but he taught me a lot.

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