Scratching My Arse

Real scratching is superior to masturbation, in my opinion. One can masturbate up to the age of seventy, and even beyond, but in the end it becomes a mere habit. Whereas to scratch […]

Arse of the Month Nov. 2020

Father Muscle is Arse of the Month For Nov. 2020. Look at his heavenly buttocks. Related Coxologyphysically being erectedthe Guest HouseHindu and Buddist Genital MassageBecome A Professional Lingam MasseurI Don’t Reach My Climax29% […]

How to Make Poems

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that light becomes […]

How to Make A Man Happy!

If you would make a man happy, add not to his wants, but subtract from the sum of his desires.” – Seneca (4 B.C) Rosebud External Anal Massage London Related CoxologyPerfect Prostate Massage […]

How To Find God!

Everybody knows they have times when they wanna just lay backKick their feet up, y’knowListen to some good music and just loungeThat’s right, I said lounge Related Coxologyunwashed cockCock TeaseOnline Tantra Lovemaking for […]

enjoy a horny cock

“Your dilemma is one that many guys face as their sexual feelings and mortal awareness surface in later life. Do not feel dirty or guilty about these desires as they are common in […]

Arse of the Month

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PhatArse Gods

The requirements for a phat arse god are as follows: it must be firm and floppy, it must be very round, it must exceed the waistline by at least 6 inches, and its owner […]

54 year old male

I am a well put together 54 year old male. I am very comfortable considering myself gay, and I live an “out” life, but most often new acquaintances who are not gay, or […]

Culos Peludos

Siéntase libre de publicar fotos de su hermoso culo peludo a continuación. CUMM UK se enorgullece en presentar para su entretenimiento y placer, más de 33 Blokes completamente desnudos y generosamente lubricados Related […]

Hairy Arse Art

66 Explicit Photos Of Men’s Hairy Butts. Hari Shishna explores the art of men’s hairy arses. 66 Men of all ages, shapes and sizes pull there pants down and proudly show their hairy […]

Celebrity Arse Beau Ryan

Man Arse of the month, December 2019. Australian rugby league player Beau Ryan shaking his bare ass on The Footy Show. What a joy, what a fucking beauty.  Arses of the Month October […]

Male Rear of the Year 2019 : The Nominees

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Riccardo Saponara’s Public Male Spanking

Italian footballer Riccardo Saponara scored a late goal in the 99th minute with Sampdoria drawing 2-2 against Lazio. Saponara celebrated the goal with the teammates who pulled his shorts down, left him with […]

Hairy Arse Orgasms!

This, sadly isn’t my male anal orgasm story and it is somewhat different as in my new boyfriend experiences orgasms from within his hairy arse (i.e without ejaculation). He describes it as an […]

blindfolded, bound, gagged, massaged

Thanks Richard for a wonderful piece of writing, it has given me a hard on just reading it! Like you, I have also always enjoyed being nude with other naked men and had […]

A Hole’n My Bucket

Yoga 4 Builders Related Coxologyan intelligent cockRugby BullocksThe Almighty GiseALL SEXDildo BromanceVisible Penis LineMale Underwear FetishA Unique Story

44 married and bi curious

Dear Seb, I have looked through your web site and perhaps you can help me. I am 44 married and bi curious. Have met a guy same age and we meet regularly to […]

The Arse or the Ass?

Be Content with yourself; rejoice in the arse you ass. When you realize that that is where your strenght comes from the whole world belongs to you. Related Coxologysaunas prolong life for middle-aged menBody, […]

#24 Male Model Henry Licett Nude Photos

Venezuelan model Henry Licett also known as the Arse Model was selected as No. 24 in our world sexiest men top 100. Related Coxologyphysical intimacy with a manrobbie robinson professional body buildercocksucking str8 […]