PC 12 – 1935

I love this picture, not sure but I think this chap, was the married lover of EM Forster… His wife knew all about the relationship…. Very interesting sexy face.. I’ve seen the original […]

Cops & thRobbers

HaPenis Art that appeared in Piazza San Marco in Venice March 2020 by a unknown artist, as part of the HaPenis in Isolation Exhibition 22/06/20 . The cops tried to remove it, but […]

Journey into Yourself?

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Related CoxologyThe Policeman’s BatonVideo Ronaldinho Wankingunbelievably appetizingBless Me Father!

Miguel Pimentel – Celebrity Cop Cock

In 2015 Miguel Pimentel became an internet sensation after he posted some semi naked pictures from the cop locker-room and quickly became known as NYC’s hottest policeman. At the time, Miguel was even […]

top cop

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