planning to be circumcised

hello mr Cox, Although I am uncircumcised, I don’t use my foreskin for wanking- I held the skin back tightly, lubricate helmet and shaft and wank as I guess a circumcised guy would- pushing […]

explicit drawings of hung old men

Seb. I love the drawings of mature men and the dicks. Form where do they cum and bi whom are they expertly rendered? Could we have a gallery of them to enjoy and to […]

Dr Christian Jessen Celebrity Cock

Dr Christian Jessen from television programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny. More famous Cocks : Joe’s Gorga  / Mario Manningham Slap My Fatty / Rapper Treach / Chief Keef Big Erect […]

The Cock Doctor

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My Gay Male Medical Fantasy

I call the 27yr old male patient into the exam room. I take his blood pressure and talk to him about the normal stuff. Then I ask him to take his shirt off. I […]