HaPenis in NZ

Hey Seb, I’m Stephen and I’m in NZ, I have been on and off your website HaPenis because I am an unashamed penis lover, owner and a constant wanker, an average male oriented man. I […]

hooded dudes

Sometimes, I still get amazed at a new sensation I manage to trigger in my penis and especially the skin. The technique you mention is similar to one I do. I have enough overhang […]

Me Myself and I

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How To Take The Perfect Cock Selfie

Here at the Hapenis project we have consulted with some of the world’s leading cock selfie artist to bring you the ultimate guide in how to take the perfect cock selfie. To take the […]

Project Me Myself & I

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Of Any Interest?

To be honest with you, I didn’t really realize that I had exceptional size until my first year in college. What happened was that I was actually with a girl, who happened to have […]

Sam Morris – First every Erection on British TV

What a star, Sam Morris, British Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer, Painter, Writer, and self described Nymph was the star of the Chanel 4’s Me and My Penis. He made history on Monday 1st September 2020 […]

My penis & me – #1-100

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tickle ur prostate

Im circumcised and cum best this way. Try laying in on your back. Spread ur legs as wide as u can and if your right-handed lube the middle finger of your right hand and […]

Tickle My Soul

a soak and 20 mins of milking gets my big cock erect and throbbing. With plenty of vaseline I get to tease my balls with my left hand as I slowly caress the whole […]

my balls rolled and stroked

With loving touch, gently caressing it from the base to the tip. Pressing the rim of the head and stroking it . With the palm of the hand, gently rubbing the tip. Basically: start […]

Overthrowing Apophis

I can suck and deep throat my own cock and it feels so good to cum in my own mouth and eat my cum , I can get deep to my balls it took […]

My Penis & Me : Edisode 2

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Self Love During Isolation

When you can’t be with anybody but yourself; It involves appreciating your own body. Appreciating yourself for who you are. Finding beauty in yourself. feeling healthy. Being nude and free. Nourishing the body with […]

rimmed for the first time

I’ve had my hairy arse rimmed for the first time this year and I’ve been amazed what some guys can/will do. The first time it happened, I was facesitting a guy in my pants […]

Cock Self Photography

Naked self photography and video project for men. Feel free to add your self photography and videos below or email them to sebcox@hotmail.co.uk The Importance of Penis Visibility Related CoxologyLoving MenBangBangCockCockBULGARIAN HUNK KALOYAN KALEVWorld […]

Naked Warriors

In this episode of The Naked Truth, five warriors – of all different shapes and sizes – talk about their own bodies and reveal what it’s like to feel the pressure to look the […]

Léo Stronda’s Big Cock Selfie

Celebrity Cock 26-year-old Brazilian rapper, bodybuilder and YouTube sensation Léo Stronda has posted his big cock selfie on the net. Here at CUMM UK we are so impressed that we have included him in […]

The World’s Sexiest Men – Brandon Hung

Introducing The very Horny Brandon Hung. This lumbersexual was included in the sexiest man in the world on the website CUMM.Uk Related CoxologyGod manifests in youCelebrity Cock Matthew Camp Francesco D’MachoFootballer’s Big Cock Causes Press […]