The Carpenter Chisel

“Every moment I shape my own destiny with my chisel. I am the carpenter of my own G(o)d “Every moment I shape my own destiny with my chisel. I am the carpenter of my […]

Jack Naked – The Last Miners UK

The Last Miners Documentary follows the workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, the last deep coal mine in Britain. Sheldon, Jonesy, Kev and Jack, shown in the BBC documentary, are enthusiastic about taking […]

How to Deal with Stress at Work?

You sit here for days saying, This is strange business. You’re the strange business. You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your […]

Courageous Working

Nothing of real worth can be obtained without courageous working. Man owes his growth chiefly to the active striving of the will, that encounter with difficulty which he calls effort; and it is astonishing […]


What the working man sells is not directly his Labor, but his Laboring Power, the temporary disposal of which he makes over to the capitalist. This is so much the case that I do […]

The Working Man

When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: ‘Whose? – Don Marquis Related CoxologyBuck Branson Cock Erectteach men about masturbationChris Duffy Bull Stantonstr8 sexYoung Penis Symphony -Korean Modern […]

Póg Mo Thóin

An Irishman’s arse really is his palace. Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting a Paddy Palace please tell us about your experiences, dreams and desires bellow. Póg mo thóin. Related CoxologyThe Entrance […]

Firemen Fantasy

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after a hard day of scaffolding

Sexy Paul Pink striped off after a cold wet day on a buiding site after a hard day of scaffolding. Got in a brickys water drum full up with cold water and let his […]

the Army of the SpiritWorld?

It would go something like this: I’m hotly attracted to military/rugger/workman guys. I’d like you to try contacting me as I sleep, thinking of me as you jack off. My name is Cris, and […]

The Cocky Builder

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Gammon Waiting for a Hard Brexit!

Gymnophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of nudity. Sufferers of this phobia experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. They may worry about seeing others naked or being seen naked, […]

gilets jaunes

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How to Become a Successful Male Sex Worker

Are you a little bored with your sex life? Have you an amazing sexual energy, and as you get older not really sure how to channel it. Thinking of making some changes? Are you REALLY G(O)OD at sex with other men? Do you have […]

unbelievably appetizing

Men don’t want to expose themselves for several reasons. One of which is that this  heterosexual fear, like that every man wants to put their mouth on it, if it is exposed. Like this […]

Don’t Forget Your Shovel

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naked workmen

If you are a naked builder, handyman or workman and would like to offer your services, please leave your details and picture below. If you are a naked builder, handyman or blue-collar workman and […]

the farmer’s labourer

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horny scaffolder sam

“Love is a madman, working his wild schemes, tearing off his clothes, running through the mountains….” Related Coxologymarried str8 #1 fantasySymposium (Plato)Cockburn and Cummingno such thing as separation10 foods to make your spunk supremeRugby […]