The late and great (Christopher) Peter Larkin, a.k.a. Purusha, was born in 1934 and was a victim of AIDS in June of ‘88. He was a writer and filmmaker, possibly the first to write and direct an honest film, objective portrayal of homosexuality. The title was, A Very Natural Thing, and it is still available, see below.  An important film in the history of American gay filmmaking, “A Very Natural Thing” is considered the first feature film on the gay experience made by an out gay man to receive commercial distribution. Purusha  also wrote a book about tantra for gay men with emphasis on the practice of fisting (handball). In The Divine Androgyne, Larkin had come to the same conclusion that the Hindu (and some Buddhist) Tantrics had before him, that the human body is the body of God and that sex could, and in fact, should, be considered a very holy thing. Although it deals with such things as the chakras, or subtle energy centers in the human body, the book is written for Westerners and does not use technical or esoteric language. Larkin believed fisting to be the highest male-male expression.

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