Taoism asks for sex without preconceived ideas. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about having sex, that makes you understand yourself better. P’u is one of the most important principles of Taoism. The main point of this principle is that everything is simple, and that there is a power, an energy from that simplicity. But, as we try to complicate sex we lose some of the power. This basic principle applies to all sex, including foreplay. If you have a simple sex-life and learn to love the simple and the quite, the natural and plain you are more likely to be happy because you have less things complicating your sex-life. So the process begins with realizing and accepting who we are. We have to accept and love ourselves because if we cannot truly do that we cannot really have sex. In Chinese Wu Wei literally means “no clever tampering, no pissing about”. Wu Wei is Taoism. A river can never flow straight, it’s not natural, its not simple, a river just flows. A river brings water, water is life . We can bring water, even if it’s in a bottle, we can bring life. Although the “New Age Taoists” , i.e. the ones that write the books, will not agree with me, I am confident that we are sex, and that it’s that simple and natural, it’s that plain, and it’s that quite. It does not matter how we make ourselves, or allow ourselves to be happy. It’s natural. Tao does not do, but nothing is not done. Things happen their own way, naturally. What needs to be is. We just need to accept that. Very simple, quite, natural, plain. It’s CALM. Trust yourself and do it, for fuck sake, it’s easy. around the next corner…is exactly what is suppose to happen to us. We must not worry ourselves but learn to see corners as things with sign posts, simplifying things and in a natural way leading us in a quite and plain direction. Taoism respect the old and wise : Because the old and the wise discover the philosophy, become known for their youthful energy, and reap the benefits of having accepted the power WITHIN US, simply and naturally, quite AND plain.

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