I like variety. I like to learn and feel more about myself everyday and I always discover new parts of myself. Nothing feels better than being able to feel your body react to it’s own touch. Always looking to test my limits and go further but now working on dealing it back for sensitivity. The more I explore the more I begin to appreciate the privilege I’ve been given as a man to feel pleasure the way only a man could understand. [Source]

Love when guys don’t just jerk me, but really get into feeling my cock, feeling it grow and the veins and especially my cockhead. Don’t just feel it.. stop jakcing me and just stroke my head. use your fingertips to fondle and stimulate my fat pink cockhead as it gets bigger and bigger, really FEEL it. if you realy want to make me cum and you like my cock, tell me how much and use my name when you do it… say, “Bo, I LOVE YOUR COCK. I love your cock Bo” that will make me ejaculate so fast…. [Source]

I like a guy to own my manhood. Edge me. Long strokes. Soft and firm grip Licking from tip to base. Pulling my foreskin back and working just under my helmet. Restrained. Wanting, powerless as my cock is worked and not allowed to shoot. The decide when I can cum Or let others take over until I cant hold the wave back A guy massaging another guys dick and giving them pleasure is amazing to be part of. Giving or receiving. [Source]

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