I am really glad to have discovered this site and the fact that i am not alone in my desire for men and their cocks. Even before I was married, i knew I was more gay than straight. Oddly enough, though i lusted for men and their hairy cocks, i walked the straight and narrow for more than 25 years. It may help to understand that the society i lived in then and still do today, is extremely conservative and homophobic. The punishment for gay sex is imprisonment. Its a Asian country. I started indulging my gayness only when it became easier to meet men online. I am now over 60 and have been gay active for the past 12 years. I thought i was weird or perverted until i discovered that the men i met were in a similar situation. Currently, i am in a relationship of sorts with another married man. Its been ongoing for nearly 4 years. i am dismayed to realise that i am in love with him, and feel that if i were to tell him this, i would lose him. Jo

straightened arrow is an arrow that is straight– used by archers, while Straight and Narrow is something that is to the point and honest.

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  1. Well, crooked arrows are kinda worthless. And closing one eye when aiming is a noob maneuver.

    “Straight” is a relic of an earlier time, just as “coming out” originally meant like a debutante. “Going straight” meant giving up men; today, of course, this is seen as impossible because surely the bigots will leave us alone if being gay is an immutable, inherited trait. What’s a eugenics? (Seriously, sometimes I can’t help but mock the upper-class white gay activist for being so rich and white.)

    What’s interesting is “straight”, “erect”, and “right” in the directional since already had moral meanings in ancient Greek, but people still think that use had anything to do with sex.

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