What Starts in the Shower, Ends in the Bedroom…..(a short erotic story by SASWANK). I’d been having a rough time with my work and so I decided for a fresh start. A new job and a change in location was what I needed. I found a nice apartment that was close to the local swimming baths. I hadn’t been swimming in a long time and was eager to go and flash my flesh. I’m not athletic or fat, somewhere in between. I have a chest to die for I’ve been told! It’s to do with the hair on my chest. My hair is golden brown and the hair on my chest isn’t too little or too much, I have decent coverage. I usually wear a wedding ring to try and stop ladies from approaching me.. it’s men I’m after, not pussy! Anyway, I’d been going swimming for a couple months. I usually go in the evening during the weekdays and in the morning on a Sunday. There were a couple of guys that I thought looked hot. One in particular was a bit of a beefcake, dark hair and covered in freckles. I fantasized about getting it on with him, but I would never try it on. I keep my sexuality to myself and it’s my own business. This one particular Sunday was beautiful, so instead of driving I thought I’d walk instead, and when I get back I’d treat myself to a fry up. Because I’d been walking, I got to the baths a little late so I only had about 30 minutes to do a few lengths. By the time I finished, all the cubicle showers were taken up, so I went searching to see if any family cubicles were free. I spotted one and just then the freckle guy had taken it. “Fucks sake!” I whispered. I’d have to wait ages now. And just then the freckle guy opened the door and said, “You can share with me if you want mate?” So I took the offer, I didn’t think anything of it, but do I shower with my swimming gear on or what?! He stripped and was stark naked so I followed suit. The shower was nice and warm, I sneaked a peek at his body, in particular his cock. It looked delicious and I was getting a semi. I thought I better chill out otherwise it might freak him out.

We both finished showering up, got dried and clothed. “Catch you later mate.” I said to him and walked out. I was walking past the car park and onto the main road, regretting I didn’t try it on, but I wasn’t desperate and I’d have a good old wank when I got home. A car pulled up, I saw it was the freckle guy. I thought I must’ve left something in the shower so I ran up to his car. The window was down. “You lost your way mate?” I said cheekily. He smiled. I wanted to fuck. He said, “No, I saw you walking and wondered if you wanted a lift home?” Well I snapped that up! I directed him to my flat, but didn’t make much conversation, we exchanged names. I was thinking if I should ask him to join me for breakfast, or was that a little too eager? He parked up and I said, “Mick, you fancy joining me for a fry up?” He replied no. My heart sunk. But then he said “I wouldn’t mind a coffee.” I was excited! I felt like a kid who had just made a friend. I hadn’t made any friends in this new place, and that was more important to me then sex. But I was hot and wet for him too. We walked into my flat, and it was hot like a sauna. I must’ve put the heating on the highest setting so I turned it off and opened the windows. “Take a seat mate, I’m just gonna chuck my top in my room.” I thought this was a great opportunity to show my chest off because it was so hot. I went to my room and took out some condoms and oils on the table, just in case! I got back to the kitchen and I could see him eyeing me up. He was wearing jogging pants and I could see his bulge growing. I had to think now about how to get him in my room. I went to make his coffee, but instead of pouring in boiling water, I made sure the water was only warm. He was sat at the dining room table, his back was facing me….. was I going to chicken out from this or did I have the bollocks to do what I was about to do? I threw the cup gently onto him. “Fucking hell. I’m ever so sorry Mick. Let me get you a towel…… you know what mate, there’s a towel in my room just help yourself. I’m ever so sorry!” My plan worked! He walked into the bedroom and closed the door. He was either interested in sex, not interested, or was a gay basher. I was praying he wanted sex and lots of it! I hadn’t spewed in days, so there was a lot of sexual energy I wanted to share. It had been about five minutes so I called for him. No answer. I walked to my bedroom cautiously just in case it got violent. I knocked on the door and opened it. There he lay on the bed. Naked. Beautiful. Oiled up. “You took your time” He said to me as he smiled. “Come over here!” He said in a deep sexy voice. I stripped off. My cock bobbed around as I walked over to him. I climbed onto his body and we kissed. A long and deep kiss. As we kissed, our erections grew strong and rigid. Our chests rubbed hard against each other. His hands reached around bum, I reached for his cock. We were gagging for it. I wanted him in me, and I wanted to cum with him. I’ll leave you to think about our sexual activities. It’s fair to say he soon worked up the appetite for a full english x.

2 thoughts on “Erotic Story

  1. I love pussy but I really love sucking cock what a lovely feeling when that warm cumm fills your mouth and when the head rubbing on your lips i can feel my nipples getting hard and I’m a male well only when I’m in public then I’m a male behide closed doors im a crossdressing cock sucker I always said in my mind that I will not suck or fuck a black man that was a lie after meeting my friend’s uncle and that huge sexy cock of his things have changed so one day he ask me to go with him to fecht something at his place as we were walking he asked me if I had a girlfriend and stuff like that got to his place hcadke me to have a seat he just want to put on a jeans he let me sit were I can see him in the mirror to my surprise he first come out and give me something to to smoke I’m not going to say what it was but when I get high of this Im a cock sucking cumslut I toke my first hit and when I open my eyes I looked to the mirror and there on his bed Grant lay stroking that monster looking me watching him in the mirror my cock got rock hard in seconds and off the the room for my first bbc Grant got more horny when I dropped my jeans showing him the sexy lace thong I got on he smack that ass then give me a good rimming before shoving that big black cock deep in my ass what was ibmissing out on I love black cocks

  2. My best friend father-in-law.ok so one Saturday afternoon let’s call him bestie PHONED me to say he’s on his way to pick me up for a braai jump in the shower shaved my whole body clean just in case we take a dip in his pool anyway so we get to his house and the drinking started a few joints here and there his father-in-law Was a priest but not anymore so he was knocking back his a sexy man always neatly dressed with a hump down by his manhood bestie wife don’t like it when im with her husband she know bigot a lot of female friends now I must get a lift with her father np we live the same street 3 doors way and off we went it’s a lekker drive from my bestie house to us as so we got in the car around the bend he caught me looking at his cock he just smile d believe me I played with myself a lot just thinking of him but how to get his cock in my mouth and then I felt his hand on my cock while he was driving I wasted no time wat a sexy cock clean shaven on the plus side he live alone I sucked his cock for the 45mins it toke us to get home i had a lovely surprise for him got to my house fetched my bag with my wig,heels panties pushup bra or sorry I’m a closet crossdressing cock sucker when I came out of the dressing room all draged up his cock was up till Sunday night he’s cumm was in every part of my body and I’m still sucking my best friends father-cock………..

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