Don’t get me wrong I like all the spectrum of gay sex but the label never felt totally honest to me. Yet despite that if I encountered men who wanted to focus on wanking in bars and clubs back in the day well, I found it odd that they were there. I was so unknowing! Discovering the online masturbation scene was like a further light bulb moment for me. I realised that I was a wanker. That was my sexuality. And having that revelation has made it easier for me to be confident in myself around men traditionally defined as ‘straight’ and I have found it easier to develop friendships with them whereas before I would feel more intimidated by them and would not be emotionally honest with them. It wasn’t a case of ‘gay shame’ or anything but just feel that now I have soooo much more in common with them and that is that ALL sensual men masturbate and if we could just be blatantly open with each other about it then so many barriers would come down. We’d certainly all be able to just fuckin bond over the energy of the joy of our own rod in our own hands and look each other in the eye and goad each other on and witness each other and expose our shared experience to one another. Wank bliss


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